Each year, the Festspiele MV develops and presents a rich and large-scale program of artistically outstanding concerts and events. This would never be possible without the highly dedicated “Festspiele family” of numerous friends and supporters:
More than 50% of the approx. 4 million euros (2013) needed to fund the concert series comes from private sponsors; in addition, roughly 10% of the costs are covered by public funding, and 40%, by admission fees. There are many different ways to get involved and support the Festspiele MV:
The Festspiele now has more than 100 sponsors – from Concert Sponsors to Partners – providing various levels of support. Our funding body (Förderverein) has well over 1,200 members. And the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Foundation already has more than 50 donors.

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The Festspiele MV has become a trademark for the cultural landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Partner is the most important Festspiele sponsor, making a significant contribution to the realization and continuous improvement of the Festspiele concept every year. The Partner is involved in numerous Festspiele MV activities and is therefore an integral part of its public image, e.g., with its company logo displayed in a prime location on all printed materials, the opportunity to write a letter of greeting in the Festspiele Magazine, advertising space, a strong on-site presence at all events, etc.

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Principal Sponsors

The Principal Sponsors of the Festspiele MV enjoy category exclusivity, are generally connected with the concert series for a longer period of time, and are present year round, beyond the three-month concert season. The Festspiele shows its appreciation for Principal Sponsors in many ways. For example, the company logo is prominently displayed on all Festspiele printed materials. Principal Sponsors are also entitled to place an ad in the Festspiele Magazine and present their company at select events. The sponsors’ individual interests are also taken into consideration: Product presentations can be organized, as well as joint press- and PR activities or image events.

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Concert Sponsors & Supporters

Concert Sponsors provide the funding for individual concerts or concert series, which can then be used as exclusive events for customers or as other company events. The Festspiele would be happy to help you identify a concert that fits your needs and assist in the organization of additional on-site, pre-concert activities for your event.

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There are differend way to support our festival. Long-term support and support for a special project. Just contact us and we give you the advice you need.

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Public promoter

The most important public promoters for our festival are is the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western-Pommerania

and the NDR.

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