Festspiel Favourites

Unexpected musical experiences and personal encounters are trademarks of the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The festival programme includes a broad range of series and ‘festivals within the festival’, where visitors can discover and focus on particular elements through a wide range of supplementary activities such as guided tours, listening experiments, artist talks and discussions over several days. With „2 x Hören“ (Listen Twice), visitors are afforded the time and space to listen intensively. „360° ...“ explores a particular instrument or formation from all sides, while the series „Unerhörte Orte“ (Unheard Places) takes visitors on a voyage of discovery through architecture and music and leads them to unusual concert venues. We present promising emerging artists from all over the world in the series „Junge Elite“ (Young Elites), „Bothmer-Musik“ and „Landpartie“ (Music in the Countryside). Discover more about our various Festspiel elements here.


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