Festspiel Favourites

Unexpected musical experiences and personal encounters are trademarks of the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The festival programme includes a broad range of series and »festivals within the festival«, where visitors can discover and focus on particular elements through a wide range of supplementary activities such as guided tours, listening experiments, artist talks and discussions over several days.
Promising young artists from all over the world present themselves in the series »Junge Elite« and »Bothmer-Musik«. The »Landpartie« invites you to a musical excursion to the countryside. And the »Grenzgänge« format takes you into the young jazz scene. Discover more about our various Festspiel elements here.


Riesen der Meere
Riesen der Meere


Habitat and source of inspiration

In some events we dedicate ourselves to what is probably the most characteristic natural element of our federal state, the water. On a theme day, we will venture a musical look across the Baltic Sea between Stralsund and Rügen with prizewinner in residence Martynas Levickis. The Dresdner Kreuzchor also devotes its programme entirely to this element and Alexej Gerassimez shows how upcycling works musically when he uses rubbish from the sea as percussion instruments.