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Take the Family to a Concert

Child-friendly concerts for grown-ups

Take the Family to a Concert

Child-friendly concerts for grown-ups

Everything you need to know about Childcare

Can my child attend the concert as well as childcare?

With our Children’s Ticket for € 10 your child can enjoy the entire concert with you. However, if it ends up being a little too much, they are more than welcome to join the childcare programme in the second half of the concert. Of course, your child can also participate in our specially designed childcare programmes for the entire duration of the concert while the grown-ups enjoy world-class music at the main stage.

With our Children’s Ticket for € 5 your child can participate in our childcare programme for the entire duration of the concert and will not be permitted to join you at the main stage. However, they will be fully entertained with their own special programme while the grown-ups enjoy the concert.

Who will look after my child?

The Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offer professional childcare services. In cooperation with teachers Christiane and Uwe Schütze from the music and art school ATARAXIA, we offer an entertaining and educational, musical and artistic childcare programme. The programme instructors are supported by trained and qualified childcare workers to ensure all-round professional care.


Childcare Basics

  • 60 minutes before the concert begins
    Childcare opens
  • Interval
    Parents are free to visit their children
  • End of the concert
    Childcare continues
  • 30 Minutes after the concert
    Parents must pick-up their children

The childcare programme is suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years. On request, our childcare workers are happy to keep your seat numbers and/or mobile numbers on hand in case of an emergency.

Childcare Programme Details

Our childcare programme is full of all kinds of learning fun! From circus music and musical horse dressage to fanciful water-instruments, there is something for everyone! Your children can try their hand at juggling, dancing, training horses as well as exploring and building instruments. With rainmakers, a ‘blubber orchestra’ and a water organ, the children gather new experiences and ideas on how water can create sound. Naturally, our little guests are looked after by trained professionals.