At the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, it’s important to us that as many people as possible are able to enjoy our concerts and events. As part of the Tourismus ohne Barrieren  project, the Festspiele are working with the Haus der Begegnung Schwerin e. V. to offer a range of barrier-free experiences:

Maite Birker
T 0385 - 59185 - 23

Hearing-Impaired and Deaf Guests

At selected events, hearing-impaired and deaf guests have access to audio-enhancing radio transmissions either directly into their own hearing aids or into locally available receivers.

Visually-Impaired and Blind Guests

On request, we offer blind and visually impaired guests programme booklets for individual concerts in Braille or as a VIP readable PDF. In addition, we offer blind and partially sighted people earlier admission to our concerts and an escort to their seat. Our team members are also happy to provide a description of the stage design and the venue.

Wheelchair Access and Guests with Limited Mobility

Guests in wheelchairs or with other mobility restrictions can find information about venue accessibility on our homepage or by contacting us directly. On the individual venue information pages, a traffic light system provides an overview of barrier-free access to the individual venues.



Green Wheelchair:


This venue is optimally equipped for the needs of wheelchair users.


Yellow Wheelchair:

Limited wheelchair accessibility

Conditions for wheelchair users at this venue are not optimal. However, access is possible.


Red Wheelchair:

Not wheelchair-accessible

This venue is not suitable for wheelchair users.




There is a sound transmission system on site to help people with hearing impairments enjoy the concert (with and without hearing aids).

Please register in advance with Lena Greßmann at!



Sign language interpreter

A sign language interpreter is on hand to translate music and texts into sign language.

Please register in advance with Lena Greßmann at!